Picture-Perfect Concrete Polishing that’s Affordable

Facility owners, managers, and general contractors are recognizing all the benefits of polished concrete, including its natural beauty, low maintenance, longevity, and affordability.

Did you know that you can protect and color your polished concrete floors? We are proud to use quality hardeners, densifiers, sealers, and protective lithium finishes from H&C, SASE, Ameripolish, and L&M Products.

We also have the ability to dye your polished concrete floor with vibrant color, to make an unforgettable impression.

Concrete after being polished
Concrete polishing in progress

The Latest Concrete Polishing Equipment, for Floors that Shine

When you get a helping hand from Coleman’s Concrete Floor Services, you also get the benefits of our modern, well-maintained equipment—as well as expertise that delivers the appearance and protection you’ve been looking for.

Have a look at our other concrete floor services, including floor demolition and concrete grinding, to fulfill all your floor restoration needs.

Concrete Polishing is the Environmentally Friendly Choice

When you hire us to polish your concrete floors, you will not only enjoy a beautiful floor that will last for many years, you can also rest assured that you’re doing the best for the planet.

When you polish a concrete floor, you will no longer be adding future floor coverings, like carpet or vinyl, to landfills. And you won’t be purchasing or throwing away waste from carpet-cleaning or floor-waxing agents.

Let’s discuss the benefits of a long-lasting polished concrete floor today!

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