Concrete Grinding Returns Floors to Like-New Condition

Remove old flooring adhesives or paint, level out expansion joints, smooth irregularities, prepare floors for epoxy coating, and more with our concrete grinding services.

Our licensed and insured team will make that existing concrete floor look like new or prepare it for new flooring installation. Contact us today for a quote!

New Concrete Flooring
Planetary Diamond Grindings Resurfacing

Planetary Diamond Grinders for Resurfacing

We can quickly and efficiently remove old adhesives and paint from concrete and return floors to like-new condition with our planetary diamond grinders. Irregularities, concrete leveling, and uneven expansion joints are no match for these grinders, equipped with large-capacity vacuums and HEPA filters that make the entire operation safe and nearly dust free.

Does your commercial or industrial concrete floor need resurfacing? The very step is getting in touch with us so we can provide a quote. Let’s get started today!

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